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Swivel Sweeper G2 - Replacement Battery

Swivel Sweeper G2 - Replacement Battery
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Swivel Sweeper G2 - Replacement Battery



In Stock
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Rechargeable Battery For Cordless Swivel Sweeper Have one charging while one is hard at work for you! Always have one ready to go! Extra battery for the Cordless Swivel Sweeper!

Our Price: $15.94

Product Details
Package Length:4.1 inches
Package Width:2.1 inches
Package Height:1.1 inches
Package Weight:0.35 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 421 reviews

Customer Reviews
Average Customer Review:3.5 ( 421 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

46 of 46 found the following review helpful:

5Quick delivery time  Feb 17, 2010 By Dannyboy
You can never have enough spare batteries. The swivel sweeper is a good product but the battery will die quickly if it's changed longer than 8 hrs at a time. Make sure you completely deplete the battery before recharging, then set a timer to make sure it's not left in the charger. (Or purchase one of the newer battery chargers that automatically shut off.)

63 of 66 found the following review helpful:

1No better than G1 black battery. Still short life  Sep 26, 2010 By Dave in AZ
Do not believe any claims that the red G2 battery is "new and improved" over the old black G1 battery! I have several G1/G2 sweepers, and the new red G2 batteries are still underpowered and won't hold a charge. After only a few months, it won't hold a charge over a day, and the sweeper runs too slowly to use it. The charger is probably at fault for overcharging them and ruining them. I would avoid this product until they include a charger that shuts off properly.

65 of 71 found the following review helpful:

1Review of Swivel Sweeper Products bought at  Sep 18, 2010 By Diana Megginson
I have bought probably 6 - 8 Swivel Sweepers and none have ever worked for more than a month or so. This last time, I thought, I'll just buy new batteries and that will fix all my Swivel Sweepers. So I bought a total of four new batteries plus a complete new Swivel Sweeper. I bought all from a seller, I cannot remember their name, it was batteryguys or something to that effect. I bought three of the new model red batteries and one of the older model black battery. I used the new one first, and one by one they stopped charging and therefore stopped working. I paid a lot of money for these. I called the sellers and complained that none of the batteries worked and they said they only warrant the batteries for 30 days. So I asked them, then that means these high priced batteries are only supposed to work for 30 days, and they said that's all they warrant them for. I was furious - all that money for 30 days of use????? Then, I forgot I hadn't tried the black battery with the old Swivel Sweeper and Walah! It worked. It worked for about 30 days and it quit. It's a shame that such a great product is ruined because of the batteries they use. I will never buy from these guys again and I may never buy from again, I got cheated out of a lot of money and it's just not right.
If I ever buy another Swivel Sweeper, it will be from Walmart, because at least they will give a refund for up to 90 days on anything. This review goes for all the products I bought at the same time.

30 of 31 found the following review helpful:

5very good  Aug 17, 2011 By Steve
The little sweeper is not 'industrial duty' device by any means but works like a champ if you know how to take care of it. It won't take the place of your vacuum cleaner 'cause it's not meant to. The manuals never tell you all the little "fixy" stuff or nobody would ever buy anything! Make sure the roller brushes and stuff turn freely all the time. If they fill up with string, hair, etc. it slows it down and taxes the rechargeable battery pack, hence seems like it doesn't work very well. Empty the debris-tray out often, and always check for free movement of all the roller brushes, front, back, and sides. Like some others have mentioned, don't leave the battery pack sitting in the charger when you are not using it, leave it on the sweeper. When it (the sweeper) starts to get weak when using it, that's the time to put the battery pack back on the charger for six hours, not overnight or two days, etc.) then put it back on the sweeper. My 91 year old mother loves it 'cause it's so light, sweeps the floor and little carpets real good and is so easy for her to use. I'd recommend the sweeper and charger unit, with all the above 'pointers' to anyone who thinks it looks like something they'd need and like. Also, one last thing. Each corner has a little cover (underneath)for the roller brush pins (connected inside under the little cover). If it ever really got stuck or slow (any of the roller or more brushes), those are the things to take off with a little philips head screwdriver and clean up the roller pin attachment then put the little cover back on. If you have anyone who is at all handy with stuff around you, this little vac can work 'on and on' and give some help where an appliance of it's kind is needed. This goes for about anything. I just happen to be pretty good with a lot of 'gizmo' handywork. Like the others said, never leave the battery on the charger for more than eight hours, six is probably best. It's really a very good sweeper and easy to care for if you're at all handy or have a "handyperson" around!

16 of 16 found the following review helpful:

5swivel sweeper  May 27, 2011 By Amazon Customer
once you learn that this sweeper has movable battery connectors inside the battery box, you can nudge them upwards when the unit does not run and it will run good. I bought the whole unit not just the battery.

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